The Centre for Business and Student Enterprise

Increasing Awareness of an Innovative Educational Centre

The Centre for Business and Student Enterprise (CBaSE) provides experiential learning opportunities to University of Guelph students. The Centre resides within the business school and therefore awareness among the student population was limited to business students. To fulfill its mandate, Supermilk worked with CBaSE to increase awareness of its courses and programs campus-wide.

After redesigning the website and creating brand consistency, CBaSE increased engagement not only with non-business students, but with members of the community too.

Brand Strategy / Advertising / Web Design / Print Design


Bringing a New Event to Guelph

Startup Weekend is a global grassroots movement of active and empowered entrepreneurs who are learning the basics of founding startups and launching successful ventures. It is the largest community of passionate entrepreneurs with over 1800 past events in 120 countries around the world in 2014.

Startup Weekends are held in cities around the world and Guelph was planning on hosting its first one in August 2014. Supermilk was hired to create a visual identity that maintained Startup Weekend's distinct logo while providing a strong Guelph connection.

Visual Identity / Brand Strategy / Advertising / Print Design


Providing Scientists a Strong Visual Identity

BioDatAlign is a full-service bioinformatics solution provider specializing in the analysis of next-gen sequencing data. As trained bioinformatics specialists, BioDatAlign provides professional and reliable service to Biology researchers. The company wanted to be able to create a clean and modern visual identity that communicated their professionalism and dedication to doing science right.

Supermilk created a simple, yet effective trademark that not only captures their professionalism, but also their backgrounds as biology researchers.

Visual Identity / Brand Strategy / Advertising / Print Design

The Career Gadget

Creating a Trustworthy Resource for Millennials

The Career Gadget is a career resource designed with the future in mind. The Career Gadget recognizes the changing job market and helps students stay up-to-date on emerging careers and post-secondary programs, with a focus on leading opportunities in science and technology.

Launching soon, Supermilk has been working closely with The Career Gadget to develop a brand that will engage and appeal to young people. This included designing their website from concept to reality, using our expertise in developing fun and interactive user experiences that are both easy to navigate and fun to explore.

Visual Identity / Brand Strategy / Web Design


Developing a Visual Identity for an
Arts Collective

Bedroomer is a unique collective of musicians in Toronto. Upon numerous releases and DIY events across the city, Bedroomer needed an identity that was memorable and unique.

Given Bedroomer's roots in making music in bedrooms across the country, we created a simple trademark that paid tribute to those beginnings. In addition, we developed a website to showcase Bedroomer's catalogue of music and promote upcoming events and created a promotional card.

Visual Identity / Brand Strategy / Advertising / Print Design


Bringing a Science and Culture
Magazine to Life

RedShift is a digital science and culture magazine that believes exploring is everything. Their goal is to bring readers smart stories from all over the world. They cover everything from space and technology to ancient history and the animal kingdom.

RedShift is set to launch in 2016 and Supermilk is working to establish their brand. We've developed integrated branding essentials such as their logo, branding palette, and marketing tools.

Visual Identity / Brand Strategy

Art From Concentrate

Developing a Trusted Brand for an
eCommerce Startup

Art From Concentrate is the place to find museum quality prints from talented independent artists. Supermilk worked with Art From Concentrate to develop a clean and modern brand that speaks to the contemporary artwork you find on their website.

As an eCommerce business, a trustworthy and reputable brand is essential for success. We designed a website that matched their simple trademark allowing their digital art gallery to be the main focus of attention. Not only did this showcase their artwork in a compelling manner, it allowed users to feel comfortable purchasing art online.

Visual Identity / Brand Strategy / Web Design / Print Design